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Established in 1953 the Mayerthorpe REA has been providing power to rural areas of County of Lac Ste. Anne and Woodlands County for 69 years. We are a member owned co-op and operate under a not-for-profit business model focusing on providing our members "at cost" services, unlike Investor Owned Utilities (IOU's) who's mandate is corporate profits and stockholder dividends. 

Why Join a REA?​

As the owner of an electric distribution system, the REA provides operational decisions and approvals through their respective boards. REA's provide services at cost to their members and no taxes are assessed. Financial savings remain in the community. A deposit reserve fund is built through charges assessed on the monthly utility bills and belongs to the REA members. Excess funds can be returned to the members through lower power costs.



Our office is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am to 3pm. 

Ph: 780-786-4343 email is:

Board Chairperson - Dannie Fischer

Vice-Chair - Terry Tschirgerl

Second Vice-Chair - Elvira Adams


Trevor Lyster

Wesley Henning

Scott Olsen

Holly Bauer

Ed Strasbourg

Ted Commandeur

Sandra Hagman

Jason French


Member Terms and Conditions -please follow the attached link to access the full document

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