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Understanding Your Bill 

Regulated Rate Option (RRO)

Information available by calling 1-888-845-4616


Electric Energy (provided by Mayerthorpe REA Ltd.)

The cost of electric energy you have used in the billing period


Administration Charge


Retail Costs for billing and customer services (if applicable)



The cost of building, operating and maintaining the local distribution system



The cost of building, operating and maintaining the provincial power grid


Rate Rider(s)

A rider is a temporary credit or charge approved by the regulator


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The 5% calculation is based on the total costs identified in your bill


Additional Charges

  • Late charges of 2.0% per month (26.82% per year) will apply on amounts outstanding after the due date

  • An NSF Charge will be assessed on dishonored cheques

  • If an account is disconnected for non-payment, disconnect and reconnect charges will apply.



  • Actual – Meters are read by Fortis Alberta

  • Estimated – Based on historical consumption on account

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